Concept Farm designs from the ground up. We build from insights about people to create objects, communications and interactions that are not only functional, but desirable.


As partners, we share a passion for experience design and concept development. Ilya Floussov has particular expertise in highly detailed 3D design, production, and computer animation. Stefanie Kelly’s specialties are user research, information architecture and copywriting. We also build project-specific teams from our professional network to supplement our collective skill set. We are committed to working in collaboration to take ideas through to all details of their execution.

Our design process is always customized to suit the needs of who we are working with and what we are trying to achieve. We are committed to making every Concept Farm project a positive experience for all involved. Our approach includes:



User Research; Competitive Analysis; Needs Assessment

Breaking Ground

Strategy; Concept Development; Value Proposition; Prototyping; Personas; Scenarios

Building a Solid Foundation

Creative Direction; Brand Positioning; Identity; Copywriting; Information Architecture; Interaction Design; 3D Visualization; Computer Animation